It all began as a family business, founded by José Joaquim Machado, creating solid bonds with partners and prioritizing the quality of products. Honor, respect, rigor and transparency are the foundation stones on which our values are based.

Today, we are a Global Distribution Operator and a reference of production and transformation in the Portuguese Dairy Sector, present consistently and transversally in the distribution in Portugal, as well as in several International Markets.

Through our processing unit (Sociedade Industrial Herdade da Maia, Lda), certified by IFS Food, we were able to offer the Best Portuguese Cheeses in the formats and packaging most appropriate to each Market with 100% Quality Assurance.

We predict medium-long-term relationships and work hand in hand with our strategic partners, bringing to each market the passion of generations found in our cheese, so that the best of Portugal can be discovered in each product.


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