Delicatessen Meats

Negrão - Fumeiro Saloio

  • Ham (special, standard and sandwish style)
  • Turkey breast ham and chicken breast ham
  • Mortadella and olives mortadella
  • Special, standard and spicy chourizo
  • Traditional smoked pork loin paio york
  • Mouro chourizo
  • Extra special chourizo for slicing or sliced
  • Smoked tradicional bacon fumado extra traditional (for delicounter/portions/slices)
  • Traditional smoked pickled pork loin Salpicão
  • Traditional smoked pork painho (for delicounter /slices)
  • Traditional smoked extra pork loin Paio
  • Crunchy portuguese pork torresmos wheel and loaf (with cured ham and chourizo)
  • Traditional portuguese wheat flour sausage Farinheira
  • Portuguese prosciutto (for delicounter/portions/slices) and deboned portuguese prosciutto
  • Thin tradicional portuguese pork sausage Linguicinha
  • Traditional portuguese blood sausage Morcela to grill
  • Multipack Portuguese sausages for “Cozido à portuguesa” Chourizo, Wine chourizo, Blood sausage and Wheat flour sausage
  • Traditional smoked pork Paiola